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Surrogacy And Donor Agreements

The relationship between a surrogate and a person or couple hoping to have a baby can be a complicated one, and reducing this relationship to a written agreement is required prior to commencement of the medical process.

We help clients, whether you are the intended parent(s) or the surrogate/donor through the legal requirements and agreement, and follow up with the legal proceeding required to complete the process, including adoption.

Couples who were once unable to have a family now have options because of advances in assisted reproductive technology (ART), including specific measures like in-vitro fertilization (IVF), surrogacy and egg or sperm donation.

These miraculous developments have led to some complex legal issues, but Florida law can help solidify the important relationship between a family and its surrogate or donor.

We can help you through the legal issues involved in the surrogacy process whether you are the woman volunteering as the surrogate or donor, or the people hoping to become parents.

To help avoid misunderstandings, we can negotiate the terms of a written contract between the parties. Later, we can help with adoption and other legal proceedings that may be necessary after the birth.

Surrogacy or being a donor is a big step for everyone involved, but our law firm can help reduce the legal risks involved in this exciting and remarkable process. Ms. Geller is uniquely qualified to assist in these matters as her daughter was born through the assistance of IVF and a surrogate.

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