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Collaborative Law

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Collaborative Law

Geller Law and Mediation has extended our family law practice to include collaborative law because we believe in the ability of this powerful process to provide a peaceful, low-stress alternative to litigation.

We strongly believe that, whenever possible, a mediation or collaborative approach to resolving family disputes is best for all parties involved, especially the children.

Collaborative law, called collaborative divorce when used in a divorce case, is an alternative to the traditional legal process. Those with family law issues work alongside their lawyers and perhaps other family professionals to reach a settlement that meets the needs of the parties and their children.

Using collaborative law, families are able to avoid the uncertain outcome of a court proceeding and the stress involved in contested litigation.

The process is completely voluntary on the part of the parties and cannot begin until each has signed a participation agreement. This contract binds them to the process and disqualifies them from future family-related litigation, unless each party retains new counsel. The collaborative law process offers the lawyers and the parties an incentive to settle the dispute in this less expensive, less stressful manner since the lawyers themselves are excluded from taking the same matter they collaborate on to court.

Please contact us if you think your family could benefit from settling your divorce or dispute using collaborative law rather than through an expensive and potentially traumatic contested court case.