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Estate Planning and Probate

Estate planning and probate are delicate issues that require careful handling by legal professionals. Estate planning before death and probate after death ensures that assets are transferred to the people you want to have them.


An estate planning attorney works with you to ensure that whatever money, property and other assets you have are left to the person or people you choose. No estate is too small for our estate planning services.

Almost everyone should have a Will. If you have children or specific desires about how your remaining assets should be distributed, however, you are especially encouraged to seek the protection and peace of mind that a Will provides.

We offer a complete array of estate planning services including simple wills, pre-need guardianships, revocable trusts, living wills (also called advanced directives), durable powers of attorney and designations of health care surrogate. We can also serve you in guardianship cases and incapacity proceedings.


When someone dies owning assets like real estate, bank accounts and stocks in her or her name but has not done proper estate planning in advance to designate a beneficiary, an estate administration is necessary. Also called probate, this process determines the beneficiaries and whether there are creditors that must be paid before assets can be transferred.

A probate attorney works alongside the designated personal representative and potential beneficiaries to acquire the information and documentation necessary for filing paperwork with the courts to transfer the assets.

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