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Family Law


Family Law - Mediation - contested litigation

Our distinctive approach to family law allows us to charge you less while relieving you of the stress that comes along with contested litigation.

We have enough experience in

high-conflict family law to know that avoiding contested litigation whenever possible is best. Although we represent clients in contested litigation when necessary, we prefer to use the collaborative law process or a settlement track to help clients resolve their conflicts through uncontested litigation. This is best for everyone involved, and minimizes the acrimony between the spouses, which is also in the best interests of the children.

In addition to the savings in fees and costs as well as the reduction in stress for all parties, utilizing collaborative law and mediation processes helps ensure the best possible outcomes with the fewest future complications.

We specialize in skillfully handling your family law matters and helping you reach amicable conclusions to whatever life issues you encounter, including divorce, paternity, alimony, children’s issues and relocations. We handle all matters in family law mediations as well as domestic violence cases, prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements, modifications and enforcement. We can also serve as guardian ad litem. We also handle step-parent and grandparent adoptions, and domestic, private adoptions.

Our focus is on helping you. That means we do whatever is necessary to make these difficult times in your life go as smoothly, quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whether through mediation, collaborative law or court proceedings if necessary, our goal is to make sure that these important issues that shape your future are resolved in your best interest, and the best interests of your children.

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