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We help clients navigate through the legal requirements and agreements involved in surrogacy and adoption.

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We are experts in peaceful divorces with over 20 years of experience in family law litigation, including collaborative divorce, cooperative law, dispute resolution & mediation. We mediate in person in the South Florida tri-county area and by Zoom statewide, and litigate contested cases in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.


Geller Law and Mediation has extended our family law practice to include collaborative law because we believe in the ability of this powerful process to provide a peaceful, low-stress alternative to litigation. We strongly believe that, whenever possible, a mediation or collaborative approach to resolving family disputes is best for all parties involved, especially the children.










Founder and President

Jessica Lassman Geller is the founder and President of Geller Law And Mediation, LLC.  She has practiced primarily family law from 1999 to the present. Her practice concentrates in the areas of Family Law, Family Mediation, Paternity, Collaborative Law, Family Appeals, Surrogacy and Adoption Law, and Civil and Probate Litigation.

She earned a Bachelors degree with honors from the University of Florida in 1992, with a major in Finance, and earned a Juris Doctorate degree with honors at the Florida State University College of Law in 1997. Ms. Geller attended a summer law program at Oxford Law in 1995.

Ms. Geller strives to assist her clients in resolving domestic disputes as quickly and inexpensively as possible in order to maintain the marital estate for the parties involved: the spouses and their children. The focus is on obtaining a settlement as soon as possible to avoid further acrimony between the parties. Ms. Geller excels in mediating domestic disputes.

Ms. Geller resides in Delray Beach and is married with one child.


Jessica Geller is a amazing wonderful person as well as her high level of professionalism as a Lawyer. She deserves more then this site’s maximum 5 star rating and a 10 in my book. Jessica has been with me for over 5 years now fighting the saddest most horrendous case of alienation, and corrupted injustice that any lawyer could only imagine. Jessica has defended and supported me through all my battles with my children’s mother, false allegations and even my fight with cancer. While everyone told me that I am fighting a losing battle of alienation, sabotage, and corruption, Jessica did not and continued to fight, seek justice to reunite a loving caring father with his children. She is extremely dedicated, loyal experienced, and goes over the top prepared to fight. She has found me free resources other professionals to help my case and is always available at a drop of a time. ( I even have her personal cell number). Jessica is very well spoken and prepared in court. She is not afraid to argue or debate her case when she is right ( which is always). Jessica has done more for me then anyone in my life to help me defend my rights as a father and help my children in every way. Jessica has always taken my case personally which shows you that she cares about what’s right and does everything to prove that even with the injustice and unethical rulings. I never met a lawyer like her that has feelings, a heart, and shares my pain with me. She has helped me to no end financially and emotionally. To me Jessica is more then just a lawyer she is a true friend and I consider her as part of my family. Her time and dedication, towards my case doesn’t go without tremendous amount of gratitude to her and everything she has and doing for my children and me. Anyone needing a lawyer should not waste time searching for a better lawyer to hire because you won’t find one. All lawyers should look to her as inspiration to what a real lawyer should be like and do. Thank you so much Jessica for what you are doing for my children and me and all your hard work and time you have devoted towards my case. I trust that Justice will prevail with you on my side.


We are so happy we used Jessica as our attorney. She helped us with a donor contract and we are so thankful for her help. I would definitely recommend her and would use her again if needed.


Jessica is an amazing attorney and I highly recommend her. She was extremely responsive, to the point, and interested in helping resolve the issue, unlike other attorneys who just want to spend more hours. Not only did she listen to my concerns, she also gave me options and made me feel more comfortable about the entire process. Highly recommend Jessica Geller!


Jessica Geller has been and still with me for over 3 years battling the saddest case ever. Jessica has gone over and beyond trying to help me. She has stood by my side fighting and fighting for justice. She is the greatest most trusting attorney I have ever met. She has become family to me and is always concerned with just me and also the case at hand. I don’t know what I would do without her. Through my cancer she has been by my side and has helped me in ways that no lawyer would be expected to do. I recommend her and when this is all over, I will never forget what she has done for me and my case. I didn’t get just a great lawyer but a great friend, too.


I felt assured with someone like Jessica Geller on my side during what was the most difficult time of my life. I hired her as my divorce lawyer after a consultation with her put me at ease. Her compassion and attention to detail is unmatched. Jessica was always reasonable. I believe her work as a mediator is crucial. She fights for what is fair and just without causing unnecessary financial burdens. Her honesty made me aware of my options without making promises that might never come to fruition. Jessica was thorough, she educated herself on a very complicated retirement/pension plan and when the time came she knew every detail like the back of her hand. I was extremely impressed and she made me feel secure. The financial outcome allowed me to navigate my new journey as a single parent with a little less stress, giving the best outcome for my children and for me. I can't say enough positive things about her and I really am eternally grateful for Jessica and her incredible assistant, Tina, for getting me through such a difficult time period. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


I hired Jessica Geller after consulting several attorneys, she was the one that I was confident in after a few minutes into the consultation. She never made unrealistic promises or try to withhold information like some attorneys do to try to lure you into hiring them. She was straightforward and forthcoming from the beginning until the end. What I appreciated was that she always gave me options, telling me the pros and cons. She never tried to overbill me. She always tried settling and explained to me and the other side that it was best for the child and it was wise financially. Sometimes she convinced them and sometimes they still wanted a fight; but all along I was always at peace because I knew I was in good hands. It made it easier for me to keep calm because she was in the battle so I didn't have to be. She made a unbearable situation bearable and all with great equanimity. It helped that she is a mediator so I had a mediator and an attorney in one.


Can only say great things and the list can go for pages , but to resume an excellent and no less of a lawyer , made me feel safe at all times regardless of outcome and her mediation skills are incredible The problem was solved painlessly quick and to the point I highly recommend Jessica Geller as your next lawyer

Moshe Moreno

I cannot say enough about how much I appreciate Jessica L Geller. She new very little about me plus my strong Cuban accent probably made more difficult. Nevertheless, she was determined to help, professional and compassionate while getting involve in my case and representing me very well. She is very capable of fighting for justice. I respect her discernment, work ethics, and kindness. During a time of great distress she has made me feel well represented legally. She has been most generous.


Me and my husband were trying to have a second child and our fertility clinic advised us that I would never be able to carrier another child my only option would be to have a surrogate. From there, my fertility clinic gave me a couple names of lawyers that I would need to get in touch with to do the proper paper work. My first call was to Jessica Lassman Geller she meet with us personally that same week and was very kind and relatable to our situation. She made this impersonal process very comforting. I would defiantly refer her for her professionalism, knowledge and kindness.

Melissa Tabacco

Felt very comfortable with her, always keeping us informed with quick responses to our emails and phone calls. The process has been smooth, well explained, easy to comprehend and performed in a very timely manner.


Ms Geller was extremely knowledgable, rational and always kept her cool and on task. I have recommended her several times and although no one really comes out a winner in a divorce, I can say that we were very pleased with the work that Ms Geller did for us.


I decided to represent myself during my divorce signing a blank check to a Lawyer at the time, but when I got to mediation I felt very uneasy going in without an expert to back me up. Jessica had no problem in taking the case, represented me as expected and helped me reach an agreement that was beneficial to me. I must say I do not trust Lawyers, many of them first look at your bank account and assets and then figure how much of that they can pocket, but this was not the case. I must say Jessica is an honest Lawyer that did exactly what she was hired to do and billed accordingly. I would highly recommend Jessica to any good friend going through divorce.


Jessica is a very knowledgeable experienced lawyer and mediator. She is well versed in the law and explains any questions you might have in in great understandable detail. I would highly recommender her as a lawyer and also as a mediator.

E. Phillip

Jessica helped me through what was the most difficult and exhausting experience of my life. She is calm, focused and sharp as a tack. She showed empathy for both my wife and me during our collaborative divorce while helping me to understand what was truly fair. I really don't know how I could have made it through the process/ordeal without Jessica's help. I know I made the right decision when I hired Jessica as my collaborative divorce attorney.