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Adoption Process

Adoption is one of the most exciting and important processes in which a family law practice can be involved, and we are always excited when we have the opportunity to participate in one.

Adoption laws are designed to protect the interests of everyone involved in the process, especially the child who may not yet be able to understand what is best for them.

Florida’s adoption laws protect the child as well as the birth parents and the adoptive parents and represent what is best for the state and the community as a whole. Our family law firm handles private adoptions, pre-planned adoptions as well as step-parent adoptions and adoptions by other family members. No matter the circumstances, we handle every case delicately and with the compassion it deserves. Even when circumstances are difficult, we do our best to make the process work smoothly and efficiently.

An experienced attorney is essential to successfully navigating the adoption process, and we hope you will allow us to serve you at this exciting time in your life.

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